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Brighton College International Schools works with its partners to provide a comprehensive range of pre- and post-opening services, as well as ongoing quality assurance in all its schools.


Pre-opening services include: analysis of supply and demand drivers; site selection and architectural design; financial modelling; curriculum design and implementation; marketing assistance; and the appointment of the Head, Registrar and Bursar. Once key senior staff have been appointed, BCIS will support them in the recruitment of teaching and support staff.


Post-opening services include: the licence to use the Brighton College name, trademarks and intellectual property; oversight of Brighton College UK Operating Standards; an annual review of the school in years when a formal inspection is not taking place; assistance with accreditation to professional bodies; oversight and assistance with marketing, brand compliance and all other strategic decision-making; and the development of links with the Brighton College network of alumni.


To discuss our model in more detail, contact Ian McIntyre, Director of Schools or our Commercial Director, Rishi Soni.