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We work with partners who share our vision to establish leading academic schools within kind communities in line with the Brighton College model.

Our partners include philanthropists who want to give something valuable back to society, educational institutions looking for a leading British-curriculum school partner, residential developers with a desire for premium schools to complement a premium suite of investment properties and we are equally happy with any partner who shares our educational vision.

Key to success is finding suitable sites and locations and ensuring there is the financial capability and willingness to invest to develop leading facilities and attract leading educationalists.  Once a Brighton College school is established, it should generate both a valuable social and a reliable financial return for the partner.

Why is partnering with Brighton College unique?

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As a partner, you have the support of the leadership team of the most successful co-educational school in England.

As a parent or pupil, you will benefit from regular visits from the Brighton College leadership team supporting the teaching, education and university awareness that exists in your school.

As a staff member, you will be in a stimulating teaching body developing best practice and with a unique and exciting opportunity for personal development and an international career with the leading co-educational school in England.